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Who is Muhammad Contest Details and Process

  • Only registered users can take the test
  • Registrants should pick one of the test days
  • It is an online test taken by all participants at the same time
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Each question stays on the screen for a limited time
  • Scoring is based on the speed and accuracy: The fastest right answer get the highest point


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Featuring "Muhammad: The Messenger of God"

Offering a deeper understanding of God’s Messenger, this book on the life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him, focuses on particular aspects of his life that highlight his significance as a husband, a father, an educator, and a worshipper.

The author has written the work with deep love for the Messenger of God, a love which suffuses every line. It is almost as if Gulen is having a conversation with a group of young people. From time to time, he stops to look into the events in detail, in order to present the reasons that lie behind these events, drawing our attention to facts that may have been overlooked. In this way, he elevates the book beyond mere biography, taking to the level of a guide for the contemporary reader.

Ahmed Bahgat, Al Ahram, Egypt
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